No Lonely Islands Here

I've recently been reading back over some of the referral letters that friends and family wrote about Dustin and I for our Home Study report, and of course, I start tearing up immediately upon reading their kind words. Sometimes I forget that we're not alone on this journey, and I'm thankful that I get these … Continue reading No Lonely Islands Here

We’re Not Heroes, We Just Want To Be Parents

"We're not heroes, we just want to be parents". "Well, ok..." you might be saying, while scratching your head and wondering why we feel the need to make a pronouncement about this. Allow me to expound my friends. When Dustin and I started on this adoption journey, we thought money would be our greatest stress … Continue reading We’re Not Heroes, We Just Want To Be Parents

Waiting Room Fuzzies

"And if everything does not fall into place  at the same time and pace, that does not mean the years you've waited have somehow been a waste. Keep planting, sowing, living, and knowing beautiful things take time... and that's ok." -Morgan Harper Nichols, Storyteller We've done a lot of waiting over the past 8 years … Continue reading Waiting Room Fuzzies

One Step Closer

UPDATE: We are so excited to say that we have reached $1900 in our fundraising efforts, cause you guys are AWESOME!!! We can happily say that we now have the money we need to be able to get our Home Study under way and we have done an initial informational interview with one of our top agencies. … Continue reading One Step Closer

From One Blessing…..

  When we lose one blessing, another is often most unexpectedly given in it's place. - C.S. Lewis We weren't the couple that felt called to adoption. We weren't even the couple that had a random conversation about adoption. In that beautiful and heady arrogance of youth, we thought we had total control over when and how … Continue reading From One Blessing…..